The first thing to cross our minds when we talk about “India” is its sheer size. Not only is it a bewildering diversity of cultures, religions and influences but also an ambrosial range of food traditions. From spicy chutneys to curries, from powerfully potent pickles to pastes, cuisines of multitudes vary from coast to coast and palate to palate. Especially for those adventurous eaters; it is the vibrant rustic hues, rich aromas and the zesty flavors of Indian food that cause them to fall in love with this spice-laced cuisine over and over again. We, at Ashoka exude the love for authentic Indian food through our rich diverse culinary delicacies. Be it the appetizing dum-aloo from the valleys of Kashmir or the exquisite pickles from the southern lands of the maharajas, our palatable foods will definitely take you on a trip down the memory lanes of India. Our Frozen Entrees, Rolls, Frozen Vegetables perfectly suits today’s contemporary lifestyle, which seldom gives time to relish a good meal. So, whether you are always on the move or staying miles away craving for homemade food, our ready to be put on the table products will be a solace for your ever-craving appetite. Now, find your home away from home. Enjoy the Indian taste with Ashoka.

S.N.O Product
1 Ashoka Coriander Chutney 190gmx12pc
2 Ashoka Date & Tamarind Chutney 230gmx12pc
3 Ashoka Garlic Chutney 190gmx12pc
4 Ashoka Mint Chutney 190gmx12pc
5 Ashoka Panipuri Concentrate 190gmx12pc
6 Ashoka Sandwich Chutney 190gmx12pc
7 Ashoka Schezwan Chutney 190gmx12pc
8 Ashoka Sweet Mango Chutney 230gmx12pc
9 Ashoka Makhana Pops Chatpata Chaat 60gmx12pc
10 Ashoka Makhana Pops Fiery Schezwan 60gmx12pc
11 Ashoka Makhana Pops Malabar Black Pepper 60gmx12pc
12 Ashoka Makhana Pops Sea Salt 60gmx12pc
13 Ashoka Alphonso Mango Pulp 850gmx6pcs
14 Ashoka Kesar Mango Pulp 850gmx6pcs
15 Ashoka Carrot Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300g
16 Ashoka Garlic Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300g
17 Ashoka Green Chilli Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300g
18 Ashoka Lemon Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300g
19 Asoka Mango Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300g
20 Ashoka Mixed Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300g
21 Ashoka Punjabi Mango Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300gm
22 Ashoka Punjabi Pachranga Pickle In Olive Oil 6x300gm
23 Ashoka Red Chilli Pickle in Olive Oil 6x300g
24 Ashoka Sarson Ka Saag Cans 12x16oz
25 Ashoka Sarson Ka Saag Cans 6x850gm
26 Ashoka Lotus Root In Brine 12x400gm
27 Ashoka Suran In Brine 12x400gm
28 Ashoka Tamarind Concentrate 12x425gm
29 Ashoka Garlic Paste 12x300g
30 Ashoka Garlic Paste 6x700gm
31 Ashoka Ginger Garlic Paste 12x300g
32 Ashoka Ginger Garlic Paste 6x700gm
33 Ashoka Ginger Paste 12x300g
34 Ashoka Ginger Paste 6x700gm
35 Ashoka Carrot Pickle 6x500gm
36 Ashoka Chundo Pickle 6x575gm
37 Ashoka Chilly Pickle 500gx6
38 Ashoka Fresh Turmeric Pickle 6x500gm
39 Ashoka Garlic Pickle 500gx6
40 Ashoka Gor Keri Pickle 575gx6
41 Ashoka Gujarati Methai Mango Pickle 6x500gm
42 Ashoka Lime Pickle in Oil(Mild) 6x500g
43 Ashoka Lime Pickle (Hot) 500gx6
44 Ashoka Mango Pickle (Hot) 500gx6
45 Ashoka Mango Pickle in Oil(Mild) 6x500g
46 Ashoka Mix Pickle 500gx6
47 Ashoka Rajasthani Sweet Lime Pickle 575gx6
48 Ashoka Aloo Chole 20x280gm
49 Ashoka Aloo Matar 20x280gm
50 Ashoka Baigan Bhartha 20x280gm
51 Ashoka Bhindi Masala 20x280gm
52 Ashoka Bombay Biryani 20x250gm
53 Ashoka Chana Pulao 20x280gm
54 Ashoka Dal Makhani 20x280gm
55 Ashoka Kashmiri Dum Aloo 20x280gm
56 Ashoka Matar Paneer 20x280gm
57 Ashoka Methi Malai Matar 20x280gm
58 Ashoka Navratan Korma 20x280gm
59 Ashoka Palak Paneer 20x280gm
60 Ashoka Paneer Makhani 20x280gm
61 Ashoka Pav Bhaji 20x280gm
62 Ashoka Punjabi Chole 20x280gm
63 Ashoka Rajma Pulao 20x280gm
64 Ashoka Saag Aloo 20x280gm
65 Ashoka Shahi Rajma 20x280gm
66 Ashoka Surti Undhiu 20x280gm
67 Ashoka Tadka Dal 20x280gm
68 Ashoka Achari Aloo (Vegan) 20x280gm
69 Ashoka Dal Makhani (Vegan) 20x280gm
70 Ashoka Dal Palak (Vegan) 20x280gm
71 Ashoka Dal Tadka (Vegan) 20x280gm
72 Ashoka Dum Aloo (Vegan) 20x280gm
73 Ashoka Matar Paneer (Vegan) 20x280gm
74 Ashoka Palak Paneer (Vegan) 20x280gm
75 Ashoka Paneer Makhani (Vegan) 20x280gm
76 Ashoka Pav Bhaji (Vegan) 20x280gm
77 Ashoka Shahi Navratan Korma (Vegan) 20x280gm
79 Ashoka Aloo Tikki Jumbo 10x920gm (12 pcs)
80 Ashoka Chana Dal Tikki 10x920gm
81 Ashoka Baked Dabeli Pav with Sev 12x8pcsx510gm
82 Ashoka Baked Paneer Bhurji Pav 12x4pcx75gm
83 Ashoka Baked Pav Bhaji 12x4pcx75gm
84 Ashoka Baked Vada Pav with Dry Garlic
85 Chutney 12x8pcsx510g
86 Ashoka Baked Veg Keema Pav 12x4pcx75gm
87 Ashoka Bombay PAV 12X6pcsX360gm
88 Ashoka Khaman Dhokla 12x275gm
89 Ashoka Cocktail Chana Dal Samosa 12x50pcsx8gms
90 Ashoka Cocktail Potato Peas Samosa (12x400gm)
91 12x50pcsx8gm
92 Ashoka Lahori Samosa 12x8x75gm
93 Ashoka Lahori Samosa 6x25pcsx75gm
94 Ashoka Lilva Kachori 4x100pcx35gm
95 Ashoka Mini Assorted Samosa 6x60x20gms
96 Ashoka Moong Dal Kachori 12x420gm
97 Ashoka Peas Paneer Samosa 12x20x20gms
98 Ashoka Jalapeno Cheese Samosa 12x20x20gm
99 Ashoka Ponk With Sev 12x170gm
100 Ashoka Potato Schezwan Samosas 12x20x20gms
101 Ashoka Potato Schezwan Samosa 12x40x20gm
102 Ashoka Potato & Green Peas Samosa 12x40x20gm
103 Ashoka Potato Peas Samosas 12x20x20gm
104 Ashoka Spinach Paneer Samosa 12x20pcsx20gm
105 Ashoka Tandoori Paneer Samosa 12x20pcx20gm
106 Ashoka Toovar Lilva Kachori 12x520gm
107 Ashoka Veg Shami Kebab(12pc) 12x360gm
108 Ashoka Punjabi Samosa (Without Garlic & Onion) 6x45pcsx40gm
109 Ashoka Punjabi Samosa (Without Garlic & Onion) 12x12pcsx40gm
110 Ashoka Punjabi Samosa 12x8pcsx75gm
111 Ashoka Punjabi Samosa 6x25pcsx75gm
112 Ashoka Jumbo Punjabi Samosa 6x20pcsx100gm
113 Ashoka Aloo Matar Pastry Pu 12x6x65gm
114 Ashoka Chana Masala Pastry Pu 12x6x65gm
115 Ashoka Sabudana Tikki(20pc) 24x320gm
116 Ashoka Coconut Chutney (4x70g) 12x280gm
117 Ashoka Coriander Chutney (4x70g) 12x280gm
118 Ashoka Mint Chutney (4x70g) 12x280gm
119 Ashoka Amla Whole 24x340gm
120 Ashoka Bhindi-cut 24x310gm
121 Ashoka Chickoo 24x310gm
122 Ashoka Drumsticks-Cut 24x310gm
123 Ashoka Dudhi Cut 24x310gm
124 Ashoka Garlic Clove 12x450gm
125 Ashoka Goovar-cut 24x310gm
126 Ashoka Green Chana 24x310gm
127 Ashoka Green Mango Cut 24x310gm
128 Ashoka Green Moong 24x340gms
129 Ashoka Green Chilli 24x310gm
130 Ashoka Indian Garlic Cloves 24x310gm
131 Ashoka Indian Green Peas 24x310gm
132 Ashoka Jamun 24x310gm
133 Ashoka Kala Chana 24x340gm
134 Ashoka Kantola-Cut 24x310gm
135 Ashoka Karela-Cut 24x310gm
136 Ashoka Lila Lasan 24x250gm
137 Ashoka Lotus Root 24x310gm
138 Ashoka Methi Leaves 24x310gm
139 Ashoka Papdi Lilva 24x310gm
140 Ashoka Parval-Cut 24x310gm
141 Ashoka Patra Vata(3pcs) 12x908gm
142 Ashoka Patra Slices 24x310gm
143 Ashoka Punjabi Tinda-Cut 310gm
144 Ashoka Ratalu-Cut 24x310gm
145 Ashoka Shreds Coconut 24x310gm
146 Ashoka Red Onion 24x310gm
147 Ashoka Suran-Cut 24x340gm
148 Ashoka Surti Papdi 24x310gm
149 Ashoka Surti Undhiu Mix 24x310gm
150 Ashoka Tindora-Cut 24x310gm
151 Ashoka Toovar Lilva 24x310gm
152 Ashoka Val Lilva 24x310gm
153 Ashoka Val Papdi 24x310gm
155 Ashoka Achari Aloo Gobi Kathi Roll 24x200gm
156 Ashoka Aloo Matar Kathi Roll 24x200gm
157 Ashoka Chatpata Aloo Kathi Roll 24x200gm
158 Ashoka Chilli Potato Kathi Roll 24x200gm
159 Ashoka Masala Noodle Kathi Roll 24x200gm
160 Ashoka Masala Paneer Kathi Roll 24x200gm
161 Ashoka Matar Paneer Kathi Roll 24x200gm
162 Ashoka Paneer Biryani Kathi Roll 24x200gm
163 Ashoka Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll 24x200gm
164 Ashoka Potato Paneer Schezwan Kathi Roll 24x200gm
165 Ashoka Pizza Kathi Roll 24x200gm
166 Ashoka Tandoori Aloo Kathi Roll 24x200gm
167 Ashoka Vegetable Kathi Roll 24x200gm
168 Ashoka Achari Aloo Wrap 12x300gm
169 Ashoka Aloo 65 Dosa Wrap 20x200gm
170 Ashoka Masala Dosa Wrap 20x200gm
171 Ashoka Paneer Curry Dosa Wrap 20x200gm
172 Ashoka Ajwain Paratha 24X400gm
173 Ashoka Aloo Palak Paratha 24x400gm
174 Ashoka Aloo Paratha 24x400gm
175 Ashoka Asli Paratha 24x400gm
176 Ashoka Asli Paratha 8x15pcx1.2kg Value Pack
177 Ashoka Bhatura( 5pcs ) 24x325gm
178 Ashoka Gobi Paratha 24x400gm
179 Ashoka Green Peas Paratha 24x400gm
180 Ashoka Kerala Porotas 24x400gm
181 Ashoka Lachcha Paratha 24x400gm
182 Ashoka Malabari Paratha 24x350g
183 Ashoka Methi Paratha 24x400gm
184 Ashoka Methi Thepla 24x300gm
185 Ashoka Mixed Vegetable Paratha 24x400gm
186 Ashoka Muli Paratha 24x400gm
187 Ashoka Onion Paratha 24x400gm
188 Ashoka Paneer Paratha 24x300gm
189 Ashoka Phullka Roti 12x624 gm
190 Ashoka Plain Paratha 24x400gm
191 Ashoka Pudina Paratha 24x350gm
192 Ashoka Punjabi Tawa Roti 24x300gm
193 Ashoka Puran Poli 24x300gm
194 Ashoka Tandoori Naan-Garlic 24x340gm
195 Ashoka Tandoori Naan-Plain 24x426gm
196 Ashoka Tandoori Naan-Plain Family Pack 8x426gm
197 Ashoka Tandoori Naan Garlic Family Pack 8x12pcsx1020gm
198 Ashoka Tandoori Roti 24x300gm

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