S.N.O Product
1 Mahan Chana Dal 2lbx20pcs
2 Mahan Masoor Dal 2lbx20pcs
3 Mahan Moong Dal 2lbx20pcs
4 Mahan Toor Dal 2lbx20pcs
5 Mahan Urad Dal 2lbx20pcs
6 Mahan Kabuli Chana (12MM) 2lbx20pcs
7 Mahan Kala Chana 2lbx20pcs
8 Mahan Masoor Football 2lbx20pcs
9 Mahan Masoor Whole 2lbx20pcs
10 Mahan Moong Chilka 2lbx20pcs
11 Mahan Moong Whole 2lbx20pcs
12 Mahan Moth Whole 2lbx20pcs
13 Mahan Urad Chilka 2lbx20pcs
14 Mahan Urad Gota 2lbx20pcs
15 Mahan Urad Whole 2lbx20pcs
16 Mahan Chana Dal 4lbx10pcs
17 Mahan Masoor Dal 4lbx10pcs
18 Mahan Moong Dal 4lbx10pcs
19 Mahan Toor Dal 4lbx10pcs
20 Mahan Urad Dal 4lbx10pcs
21 Mahan Kabuli Chana(12MM) 4lbx10pcs
22 Mahan Kala Chana 4lbx10pcs
23 Mahan Masoor Football 4lbx10pcs
24 Mahan Masoor Whole 4lbx10pcs
25 Mahan Moong Chilka 4lbx10pcs
26 Mahan Moong Whole 4lbx10pcs
27 Mahan Urad Chilka 4lbx10pcs
28 Mahan Urad Gota 4lbx10pcs
29 Mahan Urad Whole 4lbx10pcs
30 Mahan Apple Drink with Basil Seed 24x290ml
31 Mahan Blueberry Drink with Basil Seed 24x290ml
32 Mahan Coconut Water With Pulp 24x290ml
33 Mahan Lychee Drink with Basil Seed 24x290ml
34 Mahan Mango Drink with Basil Seed 24x290ml
35 Mahan Peach Drink with Basil Seed 24x290ml
36 Mahan Pomegranate Drink with Basil Seed 24x290ml
37 Mahan Strawberry Drink with Basil Seed 24x290ml
38 Mahan Chakki Atta (SHERBATI) 20lbX2pc
39 Mahan Chakki Atta (SHERBATI) 10lbX4pc
40 Mahan Besan 2lbx20pcs
41 Mahan Besan 4lbx10pcs
42 Mahan Idli Rava 2lbx18pcs
43 Mahan Idli Rava 4lbx10pcs
44 Mahan Maida 2lbx16pcs
45 Mahan Maida 4lbx8pcs
46 Mahan Ragi Flour 2lbx16pcs
47 Mahan Ragi Flour 4lbx8pcs
48 Mahan Rice Flour 2lbx16pcs
49 Mahan Rice Flour 4lbx8pcs
50 Mahan Sooji Coarse 2lbx18pcs
51 Mahan Sooji Coarse 4lbx9pcs
52 Mahan Sooji Fine 2lbx18pcs
53 Mahan Sooji Fine 4lbx9pcs
54 Mahan Kolhapuri Jaggery 1kgx12pc
55 Mahan Kolhapuri Jaggery 2kgx10pc
56 Mahan Kolhapuri Jaggery 500gmx20pc
57 Mahan Kolhapuri Jaggery 5kgx4pcs
58 Mahan Jaggery Powder 1kgx12pc
59 Pesi Gur 10KG
60 Pesi Gur Masala 10KG
61 Mahan Kesar Mango Pulp 850gmx6pc
62 Mahan 5 In 1 Sweet Mukhawas 250gmx12pcs
63 Mahan Barnyard Millet 2lbx10pcs
64 Mahan Kodo Millet 2lbx10pcs
65 Mahan Little Millet 2lbx10pcs
66 Mahan Proso Millets 2lbx10pcs
67 Mahan Yellow Millets 2lbx10pcs
68 Mahan Poha Thin 20x2lbs
69 Mahan Poha Thin 10x4lbs
70 Mahan Poha Thick 20x2lbs
71 Mahan Poha Thick 10x4lbs
72 Mahan Falooda Drink with ROSE Flavor 300ml x 24
73 Mahan Falooda Drink with MANGO Flavor 300ml x 24
74 Mahan Falooda Drink with ALMOND Flavor 300ml x 24
75 Mahan Falooda Drink with VANILLA Flavor 300ml x 24
76 Mahan Falooda Drink with STRAWBERRY Flavor 300ml x 24

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