Founded by Mr. Shiv Kishan Agrawal, Mo’pleez is a crowd-winner crafted to meet the demands of the international market. An extension to the parent brand - Haldiram’s, it retains the values and essence of traditional offerings. Owing to the high quality of Haldiram Nagpur’s products, Mo’pleez has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of Indian sweets and savories globally.

Tapping into decades of expertise based on traditional recipes, ingredient selection, efficient production and strict qualitative follow-up, Mo’pleez has created a distinguishable variety of products to satisfy all your snacking needs. Mo’pleez range of classic namkeens and irresistible sweets are packed with wholesome goodness and rich flavor in every bite. Mo’pleez also offer a wide range of ready-to-cook frozen items including curries, rice and Indian breads for hassle-free mealtimes.

Haldiram(Nagpur)’s Mo’pleez is a prominent exporter to the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany and the Gulf Region. Mo’pleez is now available in over 15 countries across the globe.

S.N.O Product
1 Mopleez Rasmalai 1kgx12pcs
2 Mopleez Rasmalai 500gmx12pcs
3 Mopleez Shahi Gulab Jamun 750gmx12pcs
4 Mopleez Chilli Paneer Wrap 156gmx24pcs
5 Mopleez Mix Veg Wrap 156gmx24pcs
6 Mopleez Paneer Schezwan Wrap 156gmx24pcs
7 Mopleez Paneer Tikka Wrap 156gmx24pcs
8 Mopleez Punjabi Choley Wrap 156gmx24pcs
9 Mopleez Shami kabab Wrap 156gmx24pcs
10 Mopleez Alu Tikki 420gmx12pcs
11 Mopleez Chole Bhature 400gmx12pcs
12 Mopleez Cocktail Samosa 460gmx12pcs
13 Mopleez Dahi Bhalla 1kgx12pc
14 Mopleez Dahi Bhalla 500gmx24pcs
15 Mopleez Dosa Ball 460gmx12pcs
16 Mopleez Dum Biryani 255gmx12pcs
17 Mopleez Moong Dal Kachori 420gmx12pcs
18 Mopleez Pizza Samosa 460gmx12pcs
19 Mopleez Poori Babji 400gmx12pcs
20 Mopleez Punjabi Samosa 6X25X70Grams
21 Mopleez Punjabi Samosa 460gmx12

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