Shan Foods innovates with delicacies of the sub-continent to give you a bite of happiness every day. As the pioneer in spice mixes, we ensure that our products are not just convenient and easy to prepare but also deliver on the flavor, traditional taste and aroma that our consumers love and cherish. We work tirelessly to bring the best food solutions to our valued consumers – looking internally and externally for new ideas, trends and improvements to deliver a superior product experience.

S.N.O Product
1 Badam Kheer 150gm Bx_12
2 Creme Caramel 80gm Bx_12
3 Custard Banana 200gm Bx_12
4 Custard Mango 200gm Bx_12
5 Custard Vanilla 200gm Bx_12
6 Gajar Halwa 100gm Bx_12
7 Gulab Jaman 100gm Bx_12
8 Jelly Banana 80gm Bx_12
9 Jelly Falooda 125gm Bx_12
10 Jelly Mango 80gm Bx_12
11 Jelly Orange 80gm Bx_12
12 Jelly P/apple 80gm Bx_12
13 Jelly St/berry 80gm Bx_12
14 Kheer Mix 150gm Bx_12
15 Lauki Halwa 100gm Bx_12
16 Rabri Falooda 100gm Bx_12
17 Rasmalai 100gm Bx_12
18 Sheer Khurma 150gm Bx_12
19 Custard St/berry 200gm Bx_12
20 Dipitt Bulo 300gm X 12
21 Dipitt Chilli Garlic Sauce 310gm X12
22 Dipitt Chipotle Sauce 60 Ml X 24
23 Dipitt Hot Sauce 300ml X 12
24 Dipitt Mango Habaner Sauce 320x12
25 Dipitt Oyster Sauce 300 Ml X 12
26 Dipitt Pizza Sauce 310 Gm X 12
27 Dipitt Smokey Bbq Sauce 300ml X 12
28 Dipitt Tobasco Sauce 60ml X 24
29 Dipitt Tomato Ketchup 300gm X 12
30 Dipitt Bualo Hot Sauce 60ml X 24
31 Dipitt Habanaro Ketchup 310 X 12
32 Dipitt Habanaro Sauce 60 Ml X 24
33 Dipitt Hot Sauce 60 Ml X 24
34 Beef Haleem 213gm Bx_12
35 Beef Nihari 240gm Bx_12
36 Beef Seekh Kabab 200gm Bx_12
37 Beef Shami Kabab 200gm Bx_12
38 Chicken Bombay Biryani 312gm Bx_12
39 Chicken Butter 240gm Bx_12
40 Chicken Haleem 312gm Bx_12
41 Chicken Karahi 240gm Bx_12
42 Chicken Korma 240gm Bx_12
43 Chicken Nihari 240gm Bx_12
44 Chicken Pulao Biryani 213gm Bx_12
45 Chicken Seekh Kabab 200gm Bx_12
46 Chicken Shami Kabab 200gm Bx_12
47 Chicken Tandoori 200gm Bx_12
48 Chicken Tikka Bites 200gm Bx_12
49 Black Eye Beans 2lb Bx_12
50 Black Eye Beans 4lb Bx_6
51 Chana 2lb Bx_12
52 Chana 4lb Bx_6
53 Chickpeas (Garbanzo) 4lb Bx_6
54 Kala Chana (Tyson Black Chickpea) 4lb Bx_6
55 Masoor 2lb Bx_12
56 Masoor 4lb Bx_6
57 Masoor Whole (Brown Lentils) 4lb Bx_6
58 Mix Lentils 2lb Bx_12
59 Mix Lentils 4lb Bx_6
60 Moong 2lb Bx_12
61 Moong 4lb Bx_6
62 Moong Split (Chilka) 4lb Bx_6
63 Moong Whole 2lb Bx_12
64 Moong Whole 4lb Bx_6
65 Red Kidney Beans 2lb Bx_12
66 Red Kidney Beans 4lb Bx_6
67 Toor 2lb Bx_12
68 Toor 4lb Bx_6
69 Urid Split White 2lb Bx_12
70 Urid Split (Chilka) 4lb Bx_6
71 Urid Split White 4 Lb Bx_06
72 Urid Whole 2lb Bx_12
73 Urid Whole 4lb Bx_6
74 Himalayan Pink Salt (Bottle) ..370gm X 12
75 Himalayan Pink Salt (St/up) 400gm Bx_24
76 Himalayan Pink Salt (St/up) 800gm Bx_6
77 Himalayan Pink Salt Granular 340gm Bx_12
78 Himalayan Pink Salt Nutra 800gm Bx_12
79 Himalayan Pink Salt Regular 340gm Bx_12
80 Himalayan Pink Salt Rock 310gm Bx_12
82 Garlic Relish 315gm Bx_12
83 Ginger Mango Relish 400gm Bx_12
84 Green 315gm Bx_12
85 Mango 400gm Bx_12
86 Mango Relish 315gm Bx_12
87 Plum 400gm Bx_12
88 Tamarind 315gm Bx_12
89 Tomato 315gm Bx_12
90 Urid 2lb Bx_12 (Black)
91 Vermicelli 150gm Bx_72
92 Noodle Chatpata 65gm Bx_72
93 Noodle Chicken 65gm Bx_72
94 Noodle Masala 65gm Bx_72
95 Dabur Real Pineapple Nectar 12x1ltr
96 Dabur Real Masala Guava Nectar 12x1ltr
97 Dabur Real Mix Fruit Nectar 12x1ltr
98 Garlic 310gm Bx_12
99 Garlic 700gm Bx_6
100 Ginger 310gm Bx_12
101 Ginger 700gm Bx_06
102 Ginger Garlic 310gm Bx_12
103 Ginger Garlic 700gm Bx_06
104 Arabic 1kg Bx_12
105 Arabic 300gm Bx_12
106 Bengali Lemon 1kg Bx_12
107 Bengali Lemon 300gm Bx_12
108 Bengali Mango 1kg Bx_12
109 Bengali Mango 300gm Bx_12
110 Carrot 1kg Bx_12
111 Carrot 300gm Bx_12
112 Chilli 1kg Bx_12
113 Chilli 300gm Bx_12
114 Chinese Chilli 1kg Bx_12
115 Chinese Chilli 300gm Bx_12
116 Garlic 1kg Bx_12
117 Garlic 320gm Bx_12
118 Ginger 1kg Bx_12
119 Ginger 300gm Bx_12
120 Gujrati 1kg Bx_12
121 Gujrati 300gm Bx_12
122 Hyderbadi Mixed 1kg Bx_12
123 Hyderbadi Mixed 300gm Bx_12
124 Karala Mango 1kg Bx_12
125 Karala Mango 300gm Bx_12
126 Lemon 1kg Bx_12
127 Lemon 320gm Bx_12
128 Mango 1kg Bx_12
129 Mango 300gm Bx_12
130 Memoni Pickle 300g Bx_12
131 Memoni Mix 1kg Bx_12
132 Mixed 1kg Bx_12
133 Mixed 300gm Bx_12
134 Punjabi Mix 1kg Bx_12
135 Punjabi Mix 300gm Bx_12
136 South Indian Hot 300gm Bx_12
137 Special Kasundi Mango 1kg Bx_12
138 Special Mango 320gm Bx_12
139 Coriander Powder 100gm Bx_48
140 Coriander Powder 200gm Bx_48
141 Coriander Powder 400gm Bx_24
142 Curry Powder 200gm Bx_48
143 Dried Mango Powder (Khatai) 100gm Bx_48
144 Garam Masala 200gm Bx_48
145 Garam Masala 100gm Bx_48
146 (St/up) Red Chilli Round 100gm Bx_8
147 Red Chilli Powder 1000 Gm Bx_18
148 Red Chilli Powder 100gm Bx_48
149 Red Chilli Powder 200gm Bx_48
150 (Bottle) Black Pepper Powder 200gm Bx_12
151 (Bottle) Coriander Powder 160gm Bx_12
152 (Bottle) Cumin Powder 175gm Bx_12
153 (Bottle) Garam Masala 150gm Bx_12
154 (Bottle) Garlic 200 X 12
155 (Bottle) Ginger 135 X 12
156 (Bottle) Turmeric Powder 170gm Bx_12
157 (Bottle) White Pepper Powder 200gm Bx_12
158 (Pouch) Black Pepper Whole 200gm B_12
159 (Pouch) Red Chilli 100gm Bx_12
160 (Pouch) Cinnamon Sticks 100gm Bx_12
161 (Pouch) Cumin Powder 200gm Bx_12
162 (Pouch) Cumin Whole 100gm Bx_12
163 (Pouch) Red Chilli Round 200gm Bx_24
164 (Pouch) Turmeric Powder 200gm Bx_12
165 (Bottle) Garlic Powder 200gm Bx_12
166 (Bottle) Ginger Powder 135gm Bx_12
167 (St/up) Bay Leaves 25gm Bx_12
168 (St/up) Black Cumin 100gm Bx_12
169 (St/up) Black Pepper Whole 100gm Bx_24
170 (St/up) Brown Cardamom 50gm Bx_24
171 (St/up) Cinnamon Bark 50gm Bx_24
172 (St/up) Cinnamon Powder 200gm Bx_18
173 (St/up) Coriander Whole 75gm Bx_24
174 (St/up) Cumin Powder 400gm Bx_18
175 (St/up) Curry Powder 200gm Bx_18
176 (St/up) Dried Mango Powder 200gm Bx_18
177 (St/up) Fennel Seeds 200gm Bx_18
178 (St/up) Fenugreek Seeds 200gm Bx_18
179 (St/up) Garlic Granules 100gm Bx_24
180 (St/up) Green Cardamom 50gm Bx_24
181 (St/up) Mace 50gm Bx_24
182 (St/up) Red Chilli Round 70gm Bx_18
183 (St/up) Turmeric Powder 400gm Bx_18
184 (St/up) White Cumin 200gm Bx_18
185 (St/up) Zaf. Garam Masala 200gm Bx_12
186 Black Pepper Powder 100gm Bx_12
187 (St/up) Green Cardamom 100 Gm X 6
188 Cumin Powder 100gm Bx_12
189 Cumin Powder 200gm Bx_12
190 Cumin Powder 400gm Bx_12
191 Cumin Whole 200gm Bx_12
192 Cumin Whole 400gm Bx_12
193 Curry Powder 400gm X 24
194 Curry Powder 1000gm Bx_12
195 Curry Powder 100gm Bx_12
196 Fenugreek Leaves 50gm Bx_48
197 Garlic Powder 100gm Bx_48
198 Ginger Powder 100gm Bx_48
199 Ginger Powder 200gm Bx_12
200 Pomegranate Seeds 100gm Bx_12
201 Red Chilli Powder 400gm Bx_24
202 Zaf. Garam Masala 50gm Bx_12
203 Turmeric Powder 100gm Bx_12
204 Turmeric Powder 200gm Bx_48
205 Turmeric Powder 400gm Bx_24
206 Achar Gosht 350gm Bx_12
207 Biryani 350gm Bx_12
208 Bombay Biryani 350gm Bx_12
209 Butter Chicken 350gm Bx_12
210 Chicken Tandoori 350gm Bx_12
211 Chicken Tikka 350gm Bx_12
212 Jalfarezi 350gm Bx_12
213 Karahi 350gm Bx_12
214 Korma 350gm Bx_12
215 Nihari 350gm Bx_12
216 Pilau Biryani 350gm Bx_12
217 Sindhi Biryani 350gm Bx_12
218 Chapli Kabab 100gm Bx_12
219 Chicken Curry 85 Gm Bx_12
220 Karahi 50gm Bx_12 (Price Mark)
221 Aaloo Bhaji 50gm Bx_12
222 Achar Gosht 50gm Bx_12
223 Achar Masala 100gm Bx_12
224 Arabic Beryani Rice 60gm Bx_12
225 Arabic Bukhari Rice 60gm Bx_12
226 Arabic Dukka 100gm Bx_12
227 Arabic Falafel 150gm Bx_12
228 Arabic Fish 50gm Bx_12
229 Arabic Kabsa Rice 60gm Bx_12
230 Arabic Kabuli Rice 70gm Bx_12
231 Arabic Mandhi 50gm Bx_12
232 Arabic Sambosa 50gm Bx_12
233 Arabic Shawerma 40gm Bx_12
234 Arabic Shish Taouk 40gm Bx_12
235 Bihari Kabab 50gm Bx_12
236 Biryani 50gm Bx_12..
237 Biryani 50gm Bx_12
238 Bombay Biryani 60gm Bx_12
239 Brain Masala 50gm Bx_12
240 Butter Chicken 50gm Bx_12
241 Chaat Masala 100gm Bx_12
242 Chana Chaat 50gm Bx_12
243 Chana Masala 100gm Bx_12
244 Chicken 65 65gm Bx_12
245 Chicken Broast 125gm Bx_12
246 Chicken Ginger 50gm Bx_12
247 Chicken Handi 50gm Bx_12
248 Chicken Jalfrezi 50gm Bx_12
249 Chicken Masala 50gm Bx_12
250 Chicken Tikka 50gm Bx_12
251 Chicken White Karahi 40gm Bx_12
252 Chicken White Korma 40gm Bx_12
253 Chinese Beef Chicken Chili 50gm Bx_12
254 Chinese Chicken Vegetables 40gm Bx_12
255 Chinese Chowmein 35gm Bx_12
256 Chinese Egg Fried Rice 35gm Bx_12
257 Chinese Manchurian 50gm Bx_12
258 Chinese Sweet & Sour 50gm Bx_12
259 Chop Suey 40gm Bx_12
260 Dahi Bara 150gm Bx_12
261 Dahi Bara Chaat 50gm Bx_12
262 Dal Masala 100gm Bx_12
263 Dopiaza Stew Masala 50gm Bx_12
264 Easy Cook Haleem 300gm Bx_12
265 Egg Seasoning 50gm Bx_12
266 Filipino Beef 40gm Bx_12
267 Fish Biryani 50gm Bx_12
268 Fried Chops 50gm Bx_12
269 Fried Fish Seasoning 50gm Bx_12
270 Fruit Chaat 50gm Bx_12
271 Green Raita 40gm Bx_12
272 Haleem 50gm Bx_12
273 Hunter Beef 150gm Bx_12
274 Indonesian Satay 40gm Bx_12
275 Karachi Beef Biryani 60gm Bx_12
276 Karahi 50gm Bx_12
277 Kat A Kat 50gm Bx_12
278 Keema 50gm Bx_12
279 Kofta 50gm Bx_12
280 Korma 50gm Bx_12
281 Kunna 50gm Bx_12
282 Lahori Charga 50gm Bx_12
283 Lahori Fish 100gm Bx_12
284 Liver Curry 50gm Bx_12
285 Malay Chicken Biryani 60gm Bx_12
286 Malaysian Chicken Wings 40gm Bx_12
287 Meat And Veg Masala 100gm Bx_12
288 Meat Masala 100gm Bx_12
289 Meat Tenderizer 40gm Bx_12
290 Memoni Mutton Biryani 60gm Bx_12
291 Murgh Cholay 50gm Bx_12
292 Mutton Masala 50gm Bx_12
293 Nihari 60gm Bx_12
294 Pakora 150gm Bx_48
295 Pani Puri 100gm Bx_12
296 Pasanda 50gm Bx_12
297 Pav Bhaji 100gm Bx_12
298 Paya 50gm Bx_12
299 Pilau Biryani 50gm Bx_12
300 Punjabi Yakhni Pilau 50gm Bx_12
301 Rogan Josh 50gm Bx_12
302 Seekh Kabab 50gm Bx_12
303 Shahi Haleem 300gm Bx_48
304 Shami Kabab 50gm Bx_12
305 Sindhi Biryani 60gm Bx_12
306 Tandoori (Chicken)masala 50gm Bx_12
307 Tikka Boti 50gm Bx_12
308 Tikka Seekh Kabab 50gm Bx_12
309 Tikkiya Kabab 50gm Bx_12
310 Vegetable Masala 100gm Bx_12
311 Yakhni Pullao 60g X 12 Packs
312 Zaiqedaar Raita 40gm Bx_12
313 Achar Gosht 500gm Bx_12
314 Biryani Masala 600gm Bx_12
315 Jar Bombay Biryani 600gm Bx_12
316 Jar Chaat Masala 500gm Bx_12
317 Jar Chana Masala 600gm Bx_12
318 Jar Chicken Korma 500gm Bx_12
319 Jar Chicken Tikka 500gm Bx_12
320 Jar Karahi 500gm Bx_12
321 Jar Korma 500gm Bx_12
322 Meat Masala 500gm Bx_12
323 Nihari 600gm Bx_12
324 Seekh Kabab 500gm Bx_12
325 Sindhi Biryani 600gm Bx_12
326 Tandoori Chicken 500gm Bx_12
327 Biryani Rice10lb
328 Extra Long Grain Rice 1121 10lb
329 Himalayan Basmati Rice 10lb

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